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    IT and Communication committee hold meeting

    The committee responsible for the implementation of information and communication technologies in governmental bodies that was formed following a decision by Deputy Premier, the Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Information Technology and Communications Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa held a meeting today chaired by the CEO of e-Government Mohammed Al Qaed.

     The committee includes a number of experts from various governmental bodies and is responsible for setting the standards for the appropriate utilization of information technology and communication by government establishments. It also undertakes the duties of reviewing the strategies and financial cost for IT and communication projects by governmental bodies along with the preparation of reports with this regard.
    In a statement Al Qaed said that studies in this field proved that the committee assisted in saving 20 to 30 percent of the IT budget in government establishments in the country by stopping the duplication in the implementation of IT projects between them. Moreover, Al Qaed indicated that the committee would organize workshops for government bodies to explain the its work and means of communicating with it along with working with them towards further elevating standards in this field.


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