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    The Supreme Committee for Information and Communication Technology


    This Committee works to implement directives specifically related to e-government issues, and ensures that strategies and comprehensive plans are in place for the development of the information and communications technology.

    It also coordinates between public and private institutions in the information technology sector to prevent duplication and conflicts, and keeps itself abreast of global developments in the field.

    The Committee seeks to address and overcome any obstacles to the development or implementation of information technology in government. It also engages with public and private institutions to ensure broad support for efforts to prepare and implement e-government strategies and plans.

    The Committee works to promote e-government between Ministries and government agencies. It seeks to put in place strategies, plans and programmes to ensure the application of e-government, recommends legislation to speed up transformation to an e-society, supports government and private agencies in obtaining the resources required to implement plans and strategies to achieve these goals, and represents the Kingdom in regional and global events.

    The Committee submits reports, studies and research, and suggests the best means of developing the Kingdom’s experience and expertise. 

    About his Highness
    About his Highness
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