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    We seek to ensure accessibility to the website of the Office of His Highness the Deputy Prime Minister of all users.

    If you face any difficulties while browsing the website please click on "Contact Us" and send your comments or suggestions and we would respond as soon as possible.

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    This website is 100% compatible with Internet Explorer V. 6 and above. It is also highly compatible with Firefox, Netscape, Opera and other main browsers.

    We recommend that you update your web browser as much as your device would allow as the latest releases provide better levels of protection and properties.

    The latest releases and updates can be obtained from the links below if you are using one of those browsers:

    PDF FilesThe PDF technology has been developed by Adobe® to publish printed documents electronically in a way that maintains their original layout. This vastly spread technology is ideal for publishing various kinds of documents on the Internet; such as booklets, reports, flyers and forms.

    To view PDF files on the e-government gateway, you can download Acrobat Reader free of charge from the Adobe website.

    Download Adobe reader

    You can also use the link below to convert PDF files to HTML version directly from the web browser without needing to download any software.

    Convert PDF file from web browser

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    Font size of the text content in the website can be adjusted by the icon on the bottom of the page.


    JavaScript has to be enabled on your web browser in order to use the website more efficiently. The following link could be used to learn about the steps necessary to enable JavaScript on your browser (if not activated)

    Enable Java on WebBrowser

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